Monday, February 7


Why did you think I was trying to leave?
Did you think you didn't mean a thing?
Why fracture my life just to put you aside?
Why did you have to leave without a thing?

I am torn before you on this rack that you built
I can't win either way that I go
So please give an option and give me a light
I don't know how to live without hope.

I am young in my heart but you've aged me
I was older than you but it changed
We can't live our lives like the same thing
You can't leave me alone all the same.

You're a friend to me now and you've left me outside
And I've suffered more than I was due
In truth you never saw the pain that you caused
For my part, I never showed it to you.

I am slipping away from you now, please don't try
To stop me from getting out of this place
I've had more than enough, I can't do anymore
And if it means that this won't be my life anymore
If the only thing to do is to walk out the door
I'll take one final look at your face.


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