Tuesday, September 27


She came into being
A second light from a further star
And she waited, waited
Just beyond the edge of sight.

Wisdom, I had wisdom
And I threw it away, unchanging
But grows, develops, increases
And gradually returns.

She found me out, she knew
And turned and shaped me
Until I could encircle empathy again
Until I had grown.

I have to stop these quiet evenings alone
Because you come around,
And when I find you next to me
I know hope again.


Blogger neon said...

hi, you've been busy!
regarding eerieness. It fascinates me, like you say, how this whole world exists alongside the state that is taken for normality. I think with me it was sparked by T.S. Eliots 'lovesong of j. alfred prufrock'. it is such an evocative piece and has stuck with me ever since i first read it. Also the art of george grosz is another thing that really embraces the grotesque and the social underbelly that is often pushed out of the popular conciousness.
one can only try to interpret these experiences as best one can, without it seeming vain or precious! But hey, one mans page of poetry is another mans toilet paper! vive la differance!

September 29, 2005 12:00 pm  

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