Thursday, February 10

Control 2

Exceptional circumstances lead me to the edge of the platform
Out across the metal lines drawn around the edge
Screams of lights brought about my head
Confusion and panic as eternity touches me
Stretches the tips of my fingers
I move through the dark notes into the sky

My mind wanders and I stray through the railings
Oblique in descent, hit the ground and keep falling
Through and through my body like solar wind
Every word thought a little more hope of reaching hope
Brushes past my reverting skin
I have removed the only things standing in my path

The flesh is something I could never replace
Made bolts of energy through the consciousness of another
My actions change the nature of myself, here lying
Beneath the sea where I drowned I am made new
Skin removed and memory bent
A new shard of light behind the eyes of another young hopeful.


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