Thursday, February 10

Elderly Gentleman

When I was young I used to want to be
But now ambition seems so vacant
When I first heard the voice in me
It was extolling the virtues of patience

Sliding across from the left to the right
He sits with a book in his hands
He is the one who has cracked up my life
I know I interrupted his plans

I am falling to pieces in the afternoons
When the sunlight shines in through the window
I’ve given up on hopes of returning soon
I have picked up this fate, now I can’t let go

Every time I try and move upwards
I only feel myself sliding back
Faceless, futile, he brings a taste to my mouth.

Perhaps, Perhaps
Abstracted from the reality I knew
Made separate and now long forgotten
Perhaps if they’d though of me, perhaps then, perhaps
I could move in time lapse, not trapped, trapped
Scratching my way up from the bottom
Able to prove my words as true

The wind lashes through the rain
It brings my clothes as tatters upwards
Rising from my back, where perhaps, perhaps
Unable to cling onto my sole way back
Used to be in space and time, now only hurt
I am trapped inside this plane.


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