Friday, June 2


It’s that moment – that jarring, fatal moment when you realise you’ve slipped, that the noises you’re hearing outside your room aren’t really part of life, part of your everyday experience. When the strange messages flashing up on your computer say things they couldn’t possibly say. When the sun comes up alongside the moon, but it stays dark outside. The moments when you begin to realise you’ve slipped into a dream.

Sometimes it’s swift, and you’ll simply realise that you’re seeing impossible things. Other times it’s slow and laborious, as you waste years, lives, millennia of dream time to fear and doubt. You act like an idiot, when instead of soaring through the nearest cloud you sit and debate the implications of misjudging your flight plan. YOU ARE DREAMING, you think, BUT THAT’S NO REASON NOT TO BE CAREFUL! It is. Be carefree for a few moments in your night.

I am working on prolonging my dreams for weeks at the moment. At first I was content just to fly, or to make love to a different woman each night in my dream, or simply to observe, not allowing myself to become involved as my subconscious mind wheeled around me. The feeling of power is immense. In your own mind, you are God. You are the only God which has ever wielded power there.


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